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Commercial Insurance Consulting

We make the world of commercial insurance easy to understand. 

And we make the road map to your commercial insurance portfolio easy to follow. 

  • For Business Owners
  • For New Producers & Agency Employees
  • For Value-Added Professional Services

We know commercial insurance policies can be confusing.  Enhancements, broadening endorsements, exclusions, and definitions that define policy coverages might sound as though they’re written in a foreign language.  Our focus is making sure your policies make sense to you. 

Our program offers a no-nonsense, practical, and honest analysis of your commercial insurance portfolio.  

We provide an unbiased review and show you how, why, and what we recommend.  

We also provide an easy-to-read report outlining each individual policy, complete with written recommendations to consider, when discussing coverage with your agent.

  • We are not agents or brokers. 

  • We do not place your insurance with an insurance company.

  • We are not in competition with your agent or agency.

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